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THE VITRUM 26th-29th October 2011


K BOND specializes in manufacturing of UV Adhesive, Glass Lamination Machineries & publishing Glass Design Books. We are always working towards introducing new glass technology, research and development, technology training, manufacturing, and selling of raw materials.
We believe in moving together with our customers on path leading towards a prosperous future. Besides our regular quality control exercise, we also have R&D team who are constantly working on upgrading the quality of our products and developing new ones too.
At K BOND we manufacture UV Glass Adhesive (KEY BOND™) specially formulated for glass bonding. With years of experience at “K BOND”, our technical team helps you ensure the right products together with the right knowledge for all your glass bonding needs.

This is a one stop place for all your Glass Lamination needs. Please take a moment to read about our Lamination HeatBox. Our technical team has for the first time in India developed a LPG/CNG gas fired Glass Laminatation HeatBox. The Lamination machine is equipped without any autoclave and hot-press. It is simple and reliable in structure.

For more details visit the Glass Lamination, EVA/PA Film & Glass Lamination Fabrics pages.

We are introducing a unique 4-color texture automatic color mixing machinery.

With this unique machine we can make high quality patterns on materials such as glass, acrylic, metal, wood, interior or exterior of a building. Click to see the sample patterns and video.

Complimenting the textured machinery check out our high quality water based eco friendly coating series for all surfaces.

At K Bond we publish Glass design books by the name of K, Glass Art™. We have published a total of 10 Volumes and are always working towards publishing new ones. Each volumes of K, Glass Art™ contains over 80 pages of different glass designs.

At K BOND we strongly believe in delivering quality products to our customers; we believe in moving together with our customers on path leading towards a prosperous future.

Our marketing & technical staff is always available to provide you after sales service. Also we are concerned that through our products & knowledge our customer’s profitability should increase.

Please visit our Download page to download e-catalogues and product details.


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